Dentistry For Children With Special Needs

Every child has unique physical, emotional, and developmental needs. Dr. Christine pays attention to details and tailors her approach to the specific needs of each kid.

Listening to Parents

Blog topThere’s no one who truly understands the needs of a child like their parent. We talk to parents prior to the appointment to discuss tips that will make their child’s visit with us a smooth one.

We understand that parents want the best for their children. We welcome discussions and questions regarding concerns for treatment options, home care, and whatever you have in mind. We aim to treat your family with utmost care and hope to become the one pediatric dental office you can rely on.  

Customizing Treatment

Some children need a “short and sweet” appointment where procedures are broken up into multiple visits for his or her comfort level. Others benefit more from the implementation of general anesthesia, which allows us to complete everything at once.

Using the Right Language

Wording things the right way is more important than most people realize. Certain words can set children off, without most people realizing it. We pay careful attention to choosing the right words and avoiding terms that could trigger anxiety (such as “hurt,” “shot,” or “pinch”). We also coach and encourage parents to use the right terminology and positive attitude prior to each visit.  

Dr. Christine’s Experience

Dr. Christine is experienced in working with children of various ages, abilities, backgrounds, medical and dental conditions, and who may present with various treatment needs.

Her vision is for children to look forward to going to the dentist, regardless of how minimal or complex their oral health needs are.

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