“When there are several cavities on baby teeth, the work to fix them is extensive and can take multiple visits. It could be difficult for some children. My job as a pediatric dentist is not just about fixing teeth, it is also about the ability to assess whether or not a child can tolerate complex treatment needs.

For kids who allow us to complete dental treatment, it is our responsibility to empower them and guide them through the treatments with all the skills we have. However, as true as it sounds, in reality, dental visits for some kids are not all sunny with rainbows and unicorns. Completing complex dental treatments in a single visit when they are asleep under general anesthesia eliminates that traumatizing experience for those who cannot tolerate extensive treatments.

As important as it is to maintain healthy smiles for your children, it is as important for me to safe-keep children’s psychological and emotional well-being. I want them to have a happy visit. I feel like I’ve done my job right if I can have them walk out of the door smiling and wanting to come back for more visits.”

Rest Your Eyes for A Moment

little boy with hat and little girls with patterned dress in front of a brown wallIf “sleepy juice” (local anesthesia) and distraction are not quite enough, Dr. Christine Wang also provides in-house sedation dentistry for children. As a board-certified pediatric specialist, she has extensive experience working with children who have severe oral health problems and has many techniques for managing children’s anxiety.

When a young patient requires extensive dental work, Dr. Christine knows that a positive experience in a negative situation is important. The goal of our team and dentist is to prevent the need for your child to experience a traumatic hospital visit simply because of their oral health. For this reason, general anesthesia may be recommended.

With the help of a general anesthesiologist, your child can enjoy “twilight sleep,” where they are blissfully unaware of their ongoing dental treatment. For your child’s ultimate comfort, we are able to offer general anesthesia in Redmond, Washington, in our own practice, avoiding the trauma of a cold, sterile hospital. While your child naps, we can complete everything in one visit, so that multiple appointments are not necessary.

Just Let Us Know

At Redmond Ridge Pediatric Dentistry, we know the importance of a healthy smile and that it begins at a young age. We know that the first step towards a lifetime of good oral health is making sure that our patients are happy, relaxed and eager to come back and see us.

We invite every parent to talk with us about any questions they may have about their child’s smile. If you have suggestions or tips to help your child have a more comfortable experience, we would love to know! After all, you know your child better than anyone else.

If your child struggles with dental visits or if you are looking for an exceptional pediatric dentist who can deliver the care your child truly needs, call us at 425-284-9884 to make an appointment! Our dentist and our team would love to see your child’s smile!