Have your child visit us for a bite analysis today! Assessment of your child’s bite, including evaluation of crowding, spacing and oral-digital habits throughout different stages of growth and development, followed by mild interventions, can limit the extent of orthodontic therapy your child needs in the future.

Based on our assessment, our dentist will make an appropriate referral to a local, trusted orthodontist if the need for orthodontic treatment is evident.

Regardless of what you or your child’s dental experiences have been in the past, Redmond Ridge Pediatric Dentistry is committed to making sure all of your child’s future visits are something they can look forward to. Call us today at 425-284-9884 to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions.

At each exam, Dr. Christine Wang also completes an orthodontic evaluation of your child’s bite in Redmond, Washington. If abnormal biting patterns or jaw growth is a concern, Dr. Christine may need to refer your child to an orthodontist for follow up.

Some of the most common concerns that we look out for include:

  • Loss of space because of premature tooth loss
  • Bite irregularities caused by extended thumb sucking or pacifier use
  • Crossbites, underbites, open bites and significant overjets and overbites
  • Inadequate growth of the jaws
  • Crowding and spacing