Mild Sedation With Laughing Gas

If your child is a bit anxious, we introduce them to “Mr. Nose,” a soft mask that rests over their nose. Through this mask, Redmond Ridge Pediatric Dentistry administers laughing gas to help them relax and feel at ease. With laughing gas, our young patients are still responsive, yet they feel warm and floaty. Time seems to pass quickly and Dr. Christine Wang is done before they know it. Once the procedure is over, the effects of the laughing gas quickly subside, and they will feel back to normal within minutes.

Laughing gas is also known as nitrous oxide. This sedation is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen that is safe to use on patients of all ages. It is especially helpful for young children who feel nervous around the equipment and sounds in a dental office. Not only does it help our patients feel more comfortable, it also helps our dentist better provide care for young patients. When your child is relaxed, Dr. Christine can focus on completing their treatment, without distractions. If you have any concerns about our dentist using laughing gas in Redmond, Washington, give us a call at 425-284-9884. Our office can answer any questions parents have.