We provide silver-free fillings, as this is often more aesthetically pleasing to parents. White fillings also bond to the enamel and require less cutting of the teeth. If a tooth is chipped, we can place bonding over it to rebuild the tooth in both structure and appearance.

Tooth-colored composite fillings are perfect for baby teeth, because they require little tooth preparation and match the shade of the enamel.

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Unfortunately, baby teeth are at a much higher risk of tooth decay because of how weak they are. Once decay is present in the mouth, it can spread to other teeth when diet, brushing and flossing are not adequate. This can lead to a tooth extraction if not properly treated and cared for. Filling the tooth as soon as the cavity is found can prevent other teeth from decaying as well. If you would like to find out how to protect your child’s teeth, or to plan a dental filling in Redmond, Washington, plan an appointment with Redmond Ridge Pediatric Dentistry. If you have any questions, give us a call at 425-284-9884. Parents can meet with our dentist, Dr. Christine Wang, to go over tips on pediatric dental care and good at-home habits to teach your child.