Baby teeth decay very quickly. If a cavity is not caught fast enough, it will likely need something more than a filling, such as a crown, to restore it. Crowns are also used for protecting brittle teeth after pulp therapy has been performed. We provide tooth-colored zirconia crowns as well as silver-colored, stainless-steel crowns.

Why is it necessary to crown a child’s tooth? After all, why not just pull it out? Unfortunately, our dentist cannot always remove it. Putting a crown on your child’s baby or permanent tooth will preserve it so that it can last as long as the rest of your child’s smile needs it to.

Redmond Ridge Pediatric Dentistry frequently recommends placing crowns on teeth that:
● Have been impacted by severe tooth decay
● Are too decayed for a filing to be placed
● Were recently treated with a pulpotomy (baby root canal)
● Are worn, chipped, or fractured beyond what fillings can repair

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Why Should Your Child Have One?

Baby teeth decay at a much faster rate than adult teeth do. Because of that, cavities that are not quickly treated can easily grow larger and spread deeper, eliminating the possibility that a filling could provide enough strength and support to fix these teeth properly. In cases like this, a crown provides a predictable and durable way to restore your child’s tooth. A crown protects the tooth so that it doesn’t have to be pulled before the other teeth are ready to erupt.

Crowns have many advantages compared to white fillings. Crowns:
● Are stronger and more durable
● Reduce the chance for recurrent decay
● Reduce the chance for new decay on the same tooth since the entire tooth surface is sealed and covered
● Reduce the chance for needing repairs

Adult teeth that are broken down (due to weak structures or severe decay) may need temporary dental crowns placed over them before jaws and occlusion are fully developed. Once the child has grown into a young adult, a more permanent crown can be placed.

Keeping Our Patients Comfortable

Each tooth is numbed with “sleepy juice” while Dr. dentist tells stories to distract your son or daughter. Plus, we also offer pediatric sedation choices so that there is no need to take your child to the hospital for treatment. As Redmond Ridge’s only board-certified pediatric dental specialist, we have exactly what your family needs to ensure optimal care and comfort.

“Dental Crowns are important because they help preserve the tooth until it’s time for it to fall out on its own.”

Dr. Christine offers options of white zirconia, white composite and stainless-steel dental crowns in Redmond, Washington. The type used for your son or daughter’s smile will depend on your individual situation after an assessment of:
● The location, shape and condition of the tooth
● Occlusion
● Space evaluation for proper fitting
● Personal preferences

Think your child may need a crown? Call us right away at 425-284-9884 before decay has a chance to spread!