New Patients: Your First Visit

Before you ever arrive for your child’s appointment, we encourage you to schedule an office tour. This can help you and your child become familiar with our facility and experience the sights and sounds of our pediatric office at Redmond Ridge Pediatric Dentistry.

Redmond Ridge Pediatric Dentistry office from the outside with trees

Reserve approximately one hour of time for your first formal appointment. At this visit, we will:
● Start a “tooth baby book”
● Record your child’s height and weight
● Show them around the office
● Discuss your specific concerns, including anything you want to accomplish at the visit
● Discuss special accommodations that may be needed

If your child is a baby, we may do a knee-to-knee exam, where you sit your baby on your lap, and have them lay back into Dr. Christine Wang’s lap for an exam. If your child is a little older, this is where the fun begins! We will bring them to the open bay area to show them the cool tools we use and to wow them with Mr. Elephant (the air/water syringe) spraying water from his silver trunk into a cup, where Mr. Thirsty (the suction) drinks it all up.

Each child will have a TV on the ceiling and a plush stuffed animal to snuggle for a relaxed experience while getting their teeth cleaned. Your child can sing along to an ABC song as Dr. Christine performs a thorough dental exam. X-rays may also be taken at our dental office in Redmond, Washington, if needed.

If we do find anything that needs attention, Dr. Christine will discuss her findings and treatment recommendations with you. Sedation is also available!

Ultimately, we want to know what your goals are for a first-time visit and accomplish whatever is needed to meet those goals. Whether it is just a fun trip to familiarize your child with the environment, or a not-as-fun trip to quickly address a toothache, Dr. Christine is happy to tailor the visit to each family’s unique situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are sealants needed?
Sealants protect the deep grooves and pits of the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, which are difficult to keep clean (and are more prone to cavities). We recommend sealing the 1st and 2nd permanent molars right after they erupt — which is usually around the age of six and 12. Some children may benefit from sealing the chewing surfaces of the baby molars as well.

Why does my child need a crown?
A crown is recommended when a tooth has multiple surfaces or a large cavity. It also may be used to complete a baby root canal and sealing of the tooth with complete crown coverage is essential to the success of the root canal treatment. A dental crown may also be used if a tooth is severely fractured and broken down due to trauma, cavity or bruxism where fillings are not durable enough to hold the tooth together. A crown protects a tooth so that it does not continue breaking apart or decaying. Without such treatment, the tooth may fall out prematurely, causing teeth behind the space to drift forward. This in turn can cause crowding and interfere with the eruption of the adult teeth. The most common baby crown material is made of stainless steel. Not a fan of the silver color? Dr. Christine also offers tooth-colored zirconia crowns, depending on each individual case.

Why general anesthesia?
Some children have severe anxiety, extensive treatment needs or conditions that prevent them from sitting through a traditional dental appointment. In-house general anesthesia allows our dentist to care for their oral health and avoid a traumatic dental experience.

Why laughing gas?
Laughing gas is safe and effective for kids in reducing pain, anxiety and discomfort throughout dental procedures. It helps to relax kids and allow them to better tolerate unpleasant treatments. Dr. Christine often uses a “guided imagery” technique combined with laughing gas to distract your children from dental procedures and take them to a world of adventures through her storytelling. We also let your child sit back and watch the TV on the ceiling!

When do I need to bring my child to the dentist?
Medical and dental experts agree that every child should have his or her first dental checkup at the time their first tooth erupts, or their first birthday; whichever happens first.

What do we do for dental trauma?
If an accident happens, call our pediatric dentist right away at 425-284-9884. Otherwise, severe pain or infection could damage the other teeth. If a portion of the tooth is broken, place it in a cup of milk and bring it immediately to our dental office in Redmond, Washington.