Pediatric Dentistry in Redmond Ridge

As an American board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Christine has an additional 2 years of formal education in the area of children’s dentistry, on top of a 4-year dental degree. This wealth of knowledge equips her with the right skills to provide quality, gentle, enjoyable care to children of all ages and backgrounds.

Preventive Care

From your child’s first dental check-up to sealant and preventive resin fillings, our extensive preventive care menu helps your son or daughter develop a healthy smile, while minimizing the risk of oral disease as they grow up.

  • Mineral treatment
  • Dietary consultation
  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Sport injury prevention

Extractions (aka “Tooth Hugging”)

Emergencies or severe tooth abscesses may lead to hospitalization if care isn’t accessed right away. Tooth extractions are done differently here. Instead of pulling teeth, Dr. Christine prefers to call it “hugging” them. Children's sedation options available.

Dental Crowns

Baby teeth decay very quickly. If a cavity isn’t caught fast enough, it will need more than a filling to restore it. Crowns are also used for protecting brittle teeth after pulp therapy has been performed. We provide tooth-colored zirconia crowns as well as silver-colored stainless steel crowns.

White Tooth Fillings and Dental Bonding

We provide silver-free fillings, as this is often more aesthetically pleasing to parents. White fillings bond to the enamel and require less cutting of the teeth. If a tooth is chipped, we can place bonding over it to rebuild the tooth in both structure and appearance.


Nerve therapy eliminates the pain and infection of badly decayed teeth, allowing them to stay in place for several more years. This is vital for preventing bite irregularities and space loss that leads to future orthodontic complications caused by premature tooth loss.

Space Maintainers

A space maintainer may be needed if baby teeth need to be extracted due to dental infection and/or other causes. Space maintainers prevent space loss from premature tooth loss, and allow future adult teeth to come in properly. Space maintainers also preserve the space and position of the teeth, helping orthodontists to manage the bite until comprehensive orthodontic treatment can be initiated.

For some instances, we provide same day space maintainer fabrication and cementation. NO MORE waiting on impressions!

Orthodontic Evaluations

assessment-of-your-childs-bite-including-evaluation-of-crowding-spacing-and-development-can-limit-the-amount-of-pediatric dentistry servicies-needed-in-the-futureAssessment of your child’s bite, including evaluation of crowding, spacing, and oral-digital habits throughout different stages of growth and development, followed by mild interventions, can limit the extent of orthodontic therapy that your child needs in the future.

Based on our assessment, we will make an appropriate referral to a local, trusted orthodontist if the need for orthodontic treatment is evident.

Regardless of what you or your child’s dental experiences have been in the past - Redmond Ridge Pediatric Dentistry is committed to making sure all of your future visits are something you can look forward to. Call us today to schedule!

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