Preventive Dentistry Services in Redmond, WA

If you’ve heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” it’s never more true than when it comes to preventing cavities or trauma from impacting your child’s smile. After all, the primary (baby) teeth decay at a much faster rate than stronger adult ones do.

if-youve-heard-the-saying-an-ounce-of-prevention-is-worth-a-pound-of-cure-its-never-more-true-than-when-it-comes-to-preventive dentistry-impacting-your-childDr. Christine offers a comprehensive approach of pediatric preventive care techniques to get your child’s smile off on the right track - and to see it through until adulthood.

Infant Exams

As early as the first tooth pops through, Dr. Christine is concerned about the development and health of your son or daughter’s future smile. This knee-to-knee exam allows her a chance to look over the teeth very quickly and thoroughly.

Dental Checkups

A thorough exam is vital to safeguarding your child's oral health. During your child's dental exam, we assess: 

  • General health/growth
  • Pain
  • Extraoral soft tissue
  • Emporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Intraoral soft tissue
  • Oral hygiene and periodontal health 
  • Intraoral hard tissue
  • Developing occlusion
  • Caries risk
  • Behavior

Teeth Cleanings

We offer gentle and fun cleaning to remove stains and dental plaque. This is a perfect time when we educate and engage children and families in learning proper oral hygiene techniques and dietary habits to promote optimal oral health. Prevent the need for crowns in your child's future by staying up on their routine dental care.

Dental Sealants

This treatment can help your child by reducing risk for chewing-surface cavities. It is done by placing a protective coating across the deep grooves of the teeth that will keep staining, plaque, and sticky food away. Sealants take just a few minutes to complete, and no shots are necessary!

Mineral Treatment

Gel and mineral varnish promote strong enamel formation and make teeth resistant to decay. Not a fan of mineral treatments? No problem - if you don’t want it, just let us know.

Digital X-Rays

low-radiation-digital-x-rays are part of prevention dentistry services and-allow-dr-christine-to-screen-for-tooth-decay-assess-eruption-patterns-and-identify-developmental-anomalies

Low-radiation digital x-rays allow Dr. Christine to screen for tooth decay, assess eruption patterns, and identify developmental anomalies.


A sports guard protects your child’s teeth from accidental dental trauma, lip lacerations, and possibly even concussions.

Oral Hygiene Instruction and Nutritional Counseling

Our staff will guide your child (and yourself) through making smart choices and using precise techniques to keep teeth clean and strong for years to come. You might be surprised at what you learn!

We recommend a checkup every 6 months for most children, beginning at age 1 (or when the first tooth erupts). Children or teens who wear braces may need to be seen a bit more frequently. Call our office today to schedule.

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