White Tooth Fillings for Children in Redmond, WA

Tooth-colored composite fillings are perfect for baby teeth, because they require little tooth preparation and match the shade of the enamel.

unfortunately-baby-teeth-are-at-a-much-higher-risk-of-tooth-decay-because-of-how-weak-they-are-regular-dental-checkups-are-a-necessity and tooth fillings may be needed to save the tooth.Unfortunately, baby teeth are at a much higher risk of tooth decay because of how weak they are. Once decay is present in the mouth, it can spread to other teeth when diet, brushing and flossing aren’t adequate. This can lead to a tooth extraction if not properly cared for. Filling the tooth as soon as the cavity is found can prevent other teeth from decaying as well.

Tooth-Colored Bonding

Composite bonding is like tooth fillings, but used for teeth that have fractured or chipped due to trauma or accidental injury (such as slipping in the bathtub, or getting hit by a baseball!).

With bonding, Dr. Christine rebuilds the shape of the tooth so that it appears whole again. If your child has a chipped tooth, we need to assess the entire tooth and talk about possible complications that may arise because of its prognosis. In some cases, a partial pulpotomy may need to be done.

Temporary Tooth Fillings

Younger children that aren’t quite ready to have a permanent filling may need a temporary one while treatment is postponed. This buys us time until the child is able to tolerate having a permanent restoration placed. No anesthesia is necessary!

Keeping Your Child Comfortable

If sleepy juice (local anesthesia) and distraction aren’t quite enough, Dr. Christine also provides in-house sedation dentistry for children. As a board-certified pediatric specialist, she has extensive experience working with children that have severe oral health problems, and has many techniques for managing children’s anxiety.

Our goal is to prevent the need for your child to experience a traumatic hospital visit simply because of their oral health. That’s why everything is completed right here in our Redmond office. Call Redmond Ridge Pediatric Dentistry today!

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